Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here goes!

So I keep coming across blogs and have pondered them for a while. Not sure where this will go but I guess we'll know when we get there huh?

Not much is happening on my little island. We scored big time with a sneaky swell yesterday. Solid chest-head glassy surf. It lacked a little oomph but hey, we didn't even expect what we got.

The holidays are coming. Ugh...I love the family time but I hate how folks get so caught up in "things". Do I have enough things? Should I get more things? Blah! Who needs it? My mom has finally realized that we don't care about things. She knows we appreciate them, but we don't need them. This year we get to choose a charity to donate to and maybe a couple of items of clothes. I do need underwear and socks you know! Thanks mom for not falling for the "buy more things" campaign!